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 Mexican wine is fast becoming another success in the international drinks market, following the remarkable popularity attained by Mexican beer. A combination of modern technology and wine-making expertise has resulted in the production of high class wines in Mexico that are rapidly breaking into international markets.

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                                                      Source USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

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         They nowadays consume less than half a bottle of wine per person per year, a figure that's a fraction of what consumers drink in countries that have a love affair with the grape. In the United States, for example, the per-capita annual consumption  is about 10 bottles, in France and Italy, more than 60 bottles. Argentineans  even consume around 67 bottles per person annually.

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It isn't wine that comes to mind when one thinks of Mexico. There's brandy -- one of the country's most popular liquors --, tequila and beer. But wine?  Traditionally, most grapes grown in Mexico have been used to produce brandy and altar wine for the Catholic church.

Mexicans still produce wine and export far more of the ever-popular tequila and beer. But wine consumption is indeed increasing, buoyed by a taste for fine wine among Mexican professionals in the bigger cities like Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara etc.